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Sunday, April 10, 2011 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM


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Friday-Saturday, June 10-11, 2011


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Friday, June 17, 2011


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October, 2010 »

RSVP for the Wartorn movie showing.


September, 2010 »

In Memoriam: Michael Robert Schwass


February, 2010 »

We're off to the races, again!

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January, 2010 »

A Breath of Fresh Air for Our Heroes


November, 2009 »

In Memoriam: Don Dalton


October, 2009 »

New partner profiles


September, 2009 »

Keeping Good Company ...


August, 2009 »

New Partner Profiles — Disabled Patriot Fund & Behavioral Vision


July, 2009 »

Golf Outing A Great Success!


May, 2009 »

Restoring a Delicate Balance


April, 2009 »

Program update ...


March, 2009 »

The First Step Foundation, a First Class Guy.

Laurus Foundation Golf Outing. RSVP Now!


February, 2009 »

Orchestrating an Amazing Symphony — Optimal Health.


January, 2009 »

A new year and we're off to the races.

Also, see our race night photo gallery.


December, 2008 »

Cooking with gas and healthy ingredients.


November, 2008 »

NextSteps Chicago and the next steps for Tre’.


October, 2008 »

Independence One Goes to College and our Newest Partner.


September, 2008 »

Partners In Progress Launched with a ‘Salute’ to Our Veterans.


August, 2008 »

In Good Company – Program Partners Continue to Grow.


July, 2008 »

Partner Profile – Mike Brougher, In His Own Words.


June, 2008 »

Three New Initiatives – Independence One, Healthy Bodies-Healthy Minds, and the Laurus Running Club.


May, 2008 »

New Logo, New Tagline, and New Relationships.


June, 2008


June was another great month for the Laurus Foundation highlighted by the introduction to several outstanding new partner organizations and the launch of some very exciting projects.


Our Partners in Progress initiative is designed to bring together existing non-profits and other strategic partners in order to . . . advance the lives of individuals with disabilities.


Here’s a quick run down of the new relationships we’ve established and the projects that are underway.


Partners In Progress

Assistive Technologies, Inc. and Independence One

Go to where you can read more about the founder and president Don Dalton and Independence One®, the most advanced voice activated wireless Electronic Aid to Daily Living (EADL) system ever produced.


This project will involve six partner organizations who will select a candidate with a physical disability to use the Independence One® system in an alpha test environment. After the alpha testing is complete, each candidate will keep their Independence One system. The partner organizations are:

  • Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago – Chicago, Illinois (#1 rehabilitation hospital in America)
  • National Rehabilitation Hospital - Washington, DC
  • University of Wisconsin, Whitewater Campus – Whitewater, Wisconsin
  • Hines VA Hospital – Hines, IL
  • The Forbes Norris MDA/ALS Research Center – San Francisco, California
  • Anixter Center* - Chicago, Illinois (13th largest non-profit in Chicago)


* Thanks go to Karin O’Connor, LTI board member for introducing us to the great people at Anixter Center.


Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School, an affiliate of the University of Chicago and Project Healthy Bodies-Healthy Minds

Go to where you can read more about this coeducational residential treatment program for children and adolescents in need of support for emotional issues, founded in 1915.


This research project* will help determine if a nutrient-dense, specific carbohydrate diet will have a positive effect on behavior, performance and treatment of the students at the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School. Our goal for this pilot program is to become a catalyst for further research and funding of nutrition-based programs for the treatment of mental illness.


* Thanks go to Erin Hutchinson for ‘volunteering’ to help pull together the research project management plan.


Other Cool Things ...


The Laurus Running Club is official… now that we have a new logo and t-shirt design. All proceeds from race sponsorships will go to support the Laurus Foundation. Contact Bryan Kurzynski to join the club and for more information on upcoming running events and races in our area.


laurus running club

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