Our Approach

We take a grass roots approach to philanthropy by visiting these organizations, meeting the staff and the people they serve. This enables us to respond to their needs quickly, whether by meeting a funding request or directing them to one of our other partners who can more effectively meet their needs.


See the video of Yuriy on NBC Chicago below.




The foundation


At Laurus Foundation, our definition of disability is deliberately broad. We are supporting the efforts of individuals and organizations already laboring in the fields — helping those who use a wheelchair because of a physical disability; assisting those who are having trouble coping with life or fitting in because of a developmental, emotional, or behavioral disability; or supporting the tireless caregivers whose loved ones can no longer care for themselves.


Goal: Bring together those organizations that are pioneering, developing, or exploring the latest advancements in the fields of technology assistance, teaching and learning, communications, career and entrepreneurial training, health, healing and nutrition for individuals with disabilities.


Process: Through our Partners in Progress initiatives we provide the funding, the resources, or the personnel necessary to assist each organization to achieve their mission and goals, not to burden them with unnecessary paperwork, administrative costs, or overhead.


Laurus Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) private foundation formed by the partners of Laurus Technologies, Inc. to serve and advance the lives of individuals with disabilities.

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